Our South American Tour -           A Napkin Sketch

We are on an ~18-month bicycle tour through South America. We started in Medellín, Colombia, in June 2018 and headed south through the mountains of Ecuador and Perú. When the springtime rains caught us, we dropped down to Lima on the coast and B-lined to Santiago, Chile. From there we ride south through Patagonia during the southern hemisphere's summer. After that we'll return north to explore northern Argentina and Chile, Bolivia, and some locations in Brazil (any suggestions?). We plan to spend most of our time in the Andes, but will let the road take us where it will.

Where are we now?

We are now in Bolivia, marveling at the contrasts in its landscapes and climate.


You can see our track on the map below or, better yet, by visiting our Track My Tour website, where you will also see an up-to-date photo and anecdote from each location we've stayed.

Read our latest (two) updates:

Southern Patagonia

Our travel south to the “Fin del Mundo” (“End of the World”) ended up being short on riding days, but long on experiences.


The land of ice... while inhospitable to humans, it's teeming with life, and beautiful like no other place on Earth.

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