Our South American Tour -           A Napkin Sketch

We are on an ~18-month bicycle tour through South America. We've started in Medellin, Colombia and will be heading south through Ecuador and Peru until it's springtime in the southern hemisphere. Then we'll head to Santiago and ride south through Patagonia to catch summer there. After that we'll return north to explore northern Argentina and Chile, Bolivia, and some locations in Brazil (any suggestions?). We plan to spend most of our time in the Andes, but will let the road take us where it will.

Where are we now?

We are traveling through the very welcoming country of Colombia, winding our way southward, in and out of the mountains. You can always track our progress at this website.

Read our latest update:

Arriving in Colombia

Our first impressions of Colombia?

We feel extremely welcome, safe, engaged by the locals, and captivated by the landscape.

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