What we're doing

In June we'll begin an 18-month bicycle tour through South America. We'll start in Columbia and head south through Ecuador and Peru until it's springtime in the southern hemisphere. Then we'll head to Santiago and ride south through Patagonia to catch their summer. Later we'll return north to explore northern Argentina and Chile, Bolivia, and western Brazil. We plan to spend most of our time in the mountains, but are open to where the road takes us.


Yes, this means we're taking an extended sabbatical from work, putting all our stuff in storage, and hitting the road.

Where are we now?

We're still in San Mateo until mid-April. We'll begin our bicycle tour in mid-June, after which you'll be able to track our progress on this site.

Follow our trip

This website, which is still under construction, is where we'll periodically post our photos and stories from the road. Please subscribe now if you want to receive an email from us when we post a new blog entry.

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Leaving California - going on an extended sabbatical

Our 3-year temporary relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area for SERA Architects has drawn to a close, and we are getting ready to take an extended sabbatical to bike tour through South America.