Perú · November 30, 2018
After leaving the high Andes to escape inclement weather, we descended back to Perú’s desert coast to get to Lima, where we confirmed something we'd heard as we travelled: that there really are two Perús – Lima, and the rest of the country.

Perú · November 13, 2018
Perú is home to the world's second highest mountain range, with scenery and altitudes that take your breath away. Riding here has been oh-so-worth the challenge.

Perú · October 14, 2018
In Northern Perú we have been subject to extremes: the tastiest and most horrible food of the trip, the best and worst roads, and a range of elevation from sea level to over 4,000 m. It's been amazing!

Ecuador · September 15, 2018
Heading south from Ecuador’s volcanoes, we discovered colorful history in the cities, the people, and the archaeological ruins.

Ecuador · August 28, 2018
We've spent the last month riding at elevations between 2,100 m (7,000') and 4,400 m (14,400') and Ecuador's volcanic landscapes have not disappointed.

Colombia · August 08, 2018
People, cities, food, culture. Here are the things we'll remember most about Colombia.

Colombia · July 28, 2018
Colombia's green, lush, bountiful landscapes were surprising to us, given their high elevation. And the páramo blew our minds.

Colombia · July 13, 2018
Our first impressions of Colombia? We feel extremely welcome, safe, engaged by the locals, and captivated by the landscape.

Preparing for South America · June 21, 2018
We set aside six weeks to prepare and train for our trip, which seemed like plenty. It was barely enough, but we made it!

Preparing for South America · June 01, 2018
7 months before we planned to leave on the trip, Clark discovered he needed new kneecaps. He got them.

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